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Reliable Print Marketing Means Success in Your Real Estate Business

reliable print marketing

Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, and is different in all industries. However, most can agree that a good combination of an online presence and direct mail can ensure success. Within real estate, reliable print marketing can be a challenge to find with so many options out there. Here are some absolute MUSTS that should be considered when choosing a reliable direct marketing company to help reach your potential clients.

  1. Consistency is KEY: No matter how many times you have ran a particular print marketing strategy such as “Just Listed” Postcards, Market Reports, or even creating your business cards you want each piece to reflect your brand and business. With this, making sure that the colors, logos, pictures and information on them stay consistent. This will create brand recognition when a potential client comes across your marketing in their mail. In the same respect, you should always partner with a reliable print marketing company that will provide you the same quality and consistent service to be able to maintain these standards.
  2. Paper Makes a Difference: While the quality, weight, or brightness of the paper may not seem like it would make a difference, it is actually quite important on how your marketing pieces turn out. It is always paramount to keep in mind the paper you are going to be using when you plan, create and print a project. Changing the paper materials to a marketing piece could alter your budget and the quality of the end product. A reliable print marketing company can walk you through the differences and make the proper suggestions to different pieces of work that you are developing.
  3. All Print Marketing Companies are Different: Different companies will offer different services to their clients. Some may offer a wide variety of products such as market reports and postcards, while others specialize in a particular item, like business cards. Some may have a variety of products, but the quality options may be limited, while others may have a wide array of options such as paper stock quality, UV formatting, digital printing and mailing and fulfillment services. Not to mention there is the cost associated with each of these types of things and most companies can be quite competitive in prices.

The most important of all of these is that you know that you are with a company that knows your industry and what will make it successful with each piece you put out. Online printers may seem cost-effective, but many do not specialize in the needs of real estate agents, won’t know how to advise you on what is the best way to reach a particular market, or even be able to have a real person speak with you directly. Being with a print marketing company that you can collaborate with, are able to create a strategy and adapt it based on your mutual experience in the industry, and feel comfortable working with is the way you will make sure you garner success with your direct print marketing plan.

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