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Marketing to Expired Listings

Marketing to Expired Listings

Home sellers that their listing has expired are upset. They want their home on the market and sold at a quick rate and acceptable price. If their home has expired, it means that their agent failed them and they are the most vulnerable to being shown the light and switch to a new agent that will get results. This is why marketing to expired listings is so important.

Tips on Approaching Expired Listings in Your Market

  • Search Through the MLS: It is said that January and July are the best months to find expired listings because that is when many contracts expire.
  • Farm specific specialty neighborhoods that you are already familiar and working in.
  • Be Selective: Out of the expired listings be sure to choose ones that you can sell quickly, you don’t want to make the seller think that you are repeating the same experience they had before as their patience and trust is already tested.
  • Be Memorable When You Approach the Owners: Send out attractive sellers packets that includes information about your company, testimonials, and examples of work you have done in the past for other homes. They already have their guards up, so the personal touch would be appreciated.
  • Find Out Why It Hasn’t Sold in the Past: By identifying the errors of the past, you are able to prioritize what needs to be done to avoid and improve.

Marketing For Expired Listings

  • Speaking with the Home Seller: Understand the frustrations of the client and be sure to approach them with that in mind. Do not promise them the sun moon and stars, as they have already been sold this and need a confident but different plan of action.
  • Expired Listing Letters and Postcards: Make sure these have a call to action and an attention getter that will make you stand out from the rest and almost make the seller want to re-buy their home. Be sure these are received the morning the home expires, since being prompt and creative will set you apart from others.

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