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How to Effectively Use Market Reports to Gain Clients

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There are many ways agents can market their real estate business in order to gain clients, and the methods evolve daily. But there is one tool that is always useful and necessary: the real estate market report. There is so much information and things to be reported on that it will always capture the attention of anyone looking around the market. The key in using market reports successfully, though, is not only provide interesting and educational information, but also make it appealing and approachable.

What Could Be Included in Your Market Reports

  • Provide an update on your local housing market
  • Spotlight any available or recently sold properties in your area
  • Connect your real estate business to local events, businesses, or trends
  • Provide your recommendations for local businesses
  • Write a “Year-in-Review” piece about your business to accent your successes and entice people to want to work with your team

How To Make Your Market Reports Appealing to Your Prospects

  • Hire a graphic designer or real estate marketing team
  • Use photos, graphics, graphs and written content to appeal to all your audiences
  • Go Bold and Modern
  • Brand yourself across the report, make it recognizable that you created it within just a glance
  • Diversify: Use the reports in print and online
  • Put the reports in front of your prospects: If these are printed flyers, be sure to farm the area to be sure they get to the right demographics to be effective. If it is digital, be sure you are placing them on your website, sharing them on your social media pages, and emailing them to a solid book of business

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