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Know Why Most Agents Fail at Direct Mail?

Know Why Most Agents Fail at Direct Mail?
Bold actions deliver bold results.  We aren’t here to debate if direct mail marketing works, we know it does.… Continue Reading..

Know Why Most Agents Fail at Direct Mail?

Bold actions deliver bold results.  We aren’t here to debate if direct mail marketing works, we know it does.  Don’t believe us?  Tell us why nearly every real estate agent inside the top 25 in San Diego county (One of the most competitive markets in the country) send out monthly mailers to a targeted farm of some sort?  The answer to that is simple, the ROI eventually comes back.

We know there isn’t always overnight success and instantaneous results.  Often times this is when the fear kicks in and many give up.  Statistically speaking results typically trend in your favor around month 6.  Trending doesn’t necessarily mean listings just yet.  It could and a good percentage of the time it does, but this is really when the leads will come in and the nurture process begins.  

It’s all about momentum.  On top of just creating a mailer, we highly suggest you protect your nest.  Do the things most lazy agents don’t and won’t do.  Are you knocking doors once a week?  Are you making phone calls to your audience?  Are you creating custom audiences around your Geo-Farm on FaceBook?  Are you sending private invites to neighbors around your listings?  When you stay consistent with attacking from every angle, it’s hard to be beat.

Many times you’ll hear direct mail doesn’t work from agents that have no track record in not only direct mail, but also in every other facet of their marketing efforts.  DO NOT LISTEN to these Negative Nancy’s and Pessimestic Pete’s.  These types of distractive people have most likely sent one mailer to 200 addresses once, didn’t get a call and resort to bashing the method.  Just like anything in life, you have to feed the fire continuously to make the wheels turn.  

Nesting your farm, audience, demographic or whatever you’d like to call it, requires patience.  More importantly, it takes the willingness to understand there are always second, third, and fourth components to every business model.  

Let’s talk about a lead that comes from a CMA landing page directly from your mailer for a second.  Systematically we connected the dots from print to web, which is awesome, however we must now have the ability to nurture this lead to another level.  The most critical pitfall working leads is undoubtedly in the follow-up.  Systems such as Constant Contact and OptinMonster will optimize your lead flow and more importantly earn your prospect’s trust if done with effectiveness.

Marketing yourself takes time, effort, and the eagerness to learn a foundation that works for you to make it all work.  This is when you start yielding results from your direct mail efforts.  We understand that’s easier said than done sometimes and please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you’d like a streamlined approach relied on by top agents across the entire country.

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