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Close of a Year: A Closing Gift Idea that Will Make People Want to Open Their Mailboxes

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In this day and age of prominent technology, electronic billing and going “green”, many choose only to check their mailbox only a few times a week, opting to toss the majority of its “junk” contents. During this season, however, we often receive many mailings to our home that we are not as quick to toss aside: sales ads, community flyers, gifts and holiday well wishes in forms of greeting cards. There is nothing more exciting than getting a handwritten and stamped envelope addressed to you with news inside. With this in mind, I thought of a closing gift idea that gets people excited to visit their mailbox again.

As this year comes to a close I am reminded of the comparisons between the evolution of a year and a real estate transaction. At the beginning, everyone is hesitant, slow moving, and full of broad ideas. As things move forward, those ideas are narrowed down and focused on as we work towards a more distinctive goal. At the end, it’s a mad scramble to accomplish the goals set out, make sure things are completed thoroughly, and everyone in the end is happy.

As your real estate transactions head to their closing phases, be sure to take the time to procure and present closing gifts to your satisfied clients. A fantastic idea that really rings true to the mix of classic and personal is personal stationery with pre-stamped envelopes, “Just Moved” cards, and address labels.

The excitement the new homeowner will feel when they place the envelopes in the mail to announce to their family and friends can only be rivaled by the joy their recipients feel when accepting an individually addressed, classy retro announcement. This closing gift not only has a practical application, unlike yet another bottle of wine, but also generates sentimentality.

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